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3D Laser Holo Art is one of the pioneering companies in the field of hologram and holographic products in India since 1997. It started with a vision to deliver solutions for clients to secure their losses due to duplicity and to protect their brands.

Working with a sole motto of providing value to its clients, 3D Laser Holo Art has made variuos products innovations over the years and has enhanced product value for its clients. At 3D Laser Holo Art, commitment to quality in all its operations is the only accepatable way of working.

Through constant R&D in the field of holography, 3D Laser Holo Art has earned the distinction of being the first in bringing various products like Holographic PVC Shrink Sleeve, Holographic Tear Tape & 3D Display Hologram.

SECURITY HOLOGRAMS :- To combate counterfeiting, to authenticate products and to enhance brand image the most common form of security measures and part of packaging, products or brand in hologram. Holo-gram is an image registered with the use of coherent laser light. It presents 3D information of a subject. It can have spatial effects, vibrant changes, resolution with shine and brightness, some visible or some concealed subject.

Application:- Any kind of products or documents which needs authenticity or brand protection or just to add a complement to their existing product or packaging.

Types of Hologram:-
Inkjet Serial Numbering Hologram :- To keep the track of stock or for some identification purpose one can use Serial Numbering over holograms which can be done through Inkjet Printers.

Laser Serial numbering Holograms :- To keep the track of stock or for some identification purpose one can use Serial Numbering over holograms which can be done through Yag Laser which burns the metalized surface of the serial number and make see through serial numbering.

Scratch Holograms :- Instead of normal scratch coating which is used for mobile cash cards or gift coupons one can use scratch holograms also. This is more secure than normal scratch coating and also serves the purpose of a scratch card. This scratch holograms can be printed with company name and logo with 3D image.

HRI (High Reflective Index ) Holograms :- This is see -through hologram, made of transparent PET or BOPP material and has special coating with high refractive index.

Applications:- As a part of packaging, part of promotion for products,document, as gift, to highlight or focus something , to attract attention of users or customers.

Holographic Shrink Sleeve :- A revolutionary concept in the world of shrink sleeves. One can combine holographic security to shrink sleeve with hologram (or, Holographic Shirnk Sleeve) can be produced in roll or in pre-form with option like tamperevident, perforation as demanded by client for security and convenience of thier product. This suits the convenience and economy of manufacturers.

Application:- This solutions suits best to mineral water bottle, liquor, pharmaceutical, perfume, cosmetic items etc.
Holographic Film

Holographic film is attractive by look and thus creates a positive impact in presentation and decoration. It solves the purposes of both attractive and secured packaging. This is ideal for flexible packaging. Custom pattern can be made as per requirements.

Film Types are:-
- Holographic Transparent
- Holographic Metalized
- Holographic Partial Metalized


Pouches, Lamination with paper & Board, Carry Bags, Gift Wrappers & Adhesive Tape.