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3D Laser Holo art is major suppliers of self adhesive labels to the cosmetics industry and it’s associated sectors. We supply to all and every size of businesses, whether you are a startup company working from home, or a larger established manufacturer. Cosmetics labels are a challenge, due to the extremely high quality of print and finishing required. Additionally, regulations demand that the legislative copy required on the label is increasing, leading to a growing demand for multi layer, peel and reveal labels. On this specialist website you can see the different products that we can supply, browse case studies and galleries of our work, or find links to regulatory bodies.

The cosmetic label is usually the principal display panel of the product, and needs to comply with labeling laws. That means mandated type size and sometimes specific wording. The label also communicates your product's reason for being- what distinguishes it from all competitors. Most importantly, the label helps create the image and brand awareness and has to be recognized by the consumer and easily distinguished from other products, while still reinforcing the product branding. Custom cosmetic labels are available in many different shapes, sizes and materials including wrap around labels, embossed labels, foil embossed labels, plastic print labels, vinyl labels, metal labels, etc.