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3D Holographic ID Lamination Pouch has customized designed holographic images which change color, intensity and perspective with the viewing angle. Holographic images can include high resolution dot matrix in combination with 2D/3D holography. Full coverage protects everywhere & Clear protection is easy to see through. These Security Lamination pouches cover the entire surface of the card with its holographic pattern. Attempts to remove the Lamination usually results in tearing of the paper ID card. They offer protection against attempts at tampering and alteration made using common materials and printing process. 3D Holographic thermal laminating pouches are perfect for protecting, enhancing, and preserving documents, event tickets, & VIP passes and are available in all mil sizes and document sizes. 3D Holographic thermal laminating pouches come pre-cut and sealed on one end. These pouches are open on three sides and sealed along one edge which makes for easy insertion and alignment of your document. These pouches are commonly used with hot pouch laminators.

We manufacture all of our laminating pouches and laminating sleeves with superior polyester to adhesive composition, resulting in an optically clear laminating pouch.

It offers your ID cards, badges and driver licenses an effective combination of security and attractive appearance. These pouches give out qualitative 3D effects naturally and so are best for event tickets and VIP passes. Offered pouches utilized for various promotional cards, ID cards and other cards that are used widely. Available in different sizes, shapes and designs.



This product is Rainbow or Laser 3D holographic pouch -neutral 3D the printed card-paper will give neutral 3d effects in available sizes.

Transparent Hologram butterfly pouches or encapsulated ID card size Hologram-customized & Generic-95 mm x 65 mm to pack ID cards with thermal lamination.