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These stickers are hot stamped with foil leafing not inks, the imprint would be in one of these foil colors blue, red, golden, silver copper, etc.  By adding gold foil labels to your product, you're making a statement about your product and your company that gets noticed every time. Holographic Foil stamped labels are used to highlight and enhance your label packaging and design and truly separates you from the many other products on the store shelves.

Hot Foil Stamped Label Advice And Guidance:-

3D Laser Holo Art has the expertise to meet your decorative foil label needs with numerous foil colors and design options. Our talented label design team can assist you with setting yourself apart from the crowd with a design that jumps off the shelf.

Our knowledgeable customer service staff can guide you through the appropriate hot stamp foil material shades and colors to make your label design stand out. Set yourself apart from your competition by having. 3D Laser Holo Art produce a custom hot foil stamped label to dress up your existing label packaging.

Get started today! Contact us for a hot foil stamped label quote and samples and discover how we can help your brand stand out among the rest.

Your labels should be a work of art and a reflection of you, your business, and the brand identity of your labeled products. Each and every label order receives the same award winning level of attention to detail and high standard of quality assurance.


· House Hold Goods

· Stainless steel utensils

· Plastic goods

· Furniture