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Overlapping is made twice through special equipment at Embossing. The acquired Hot Stamping Foil has no seam, forming continuous laser effect, capable of realizing integrity of holographic pattern at gliding and avoiding waste of plate seam.

Continuous "Seamless" effects on many endless designs. As an example our Rainbow Pattern offers impressive and endless rainbow effects free of the elsewhere typical visually striking shim lines, a true seamless stunning optical effect is possible with our HD series. This is possible because we have a very consistent, brilliant play of colors and excellent reflections in our holographic hot stamping foils. The "Seamless holography" enables printing and design processes to offer graphic designers, printers and brand owners a whole new range of possibilities and advantages. 


Attractive effects for labels, packaging and printed advertising materials In addition to our metalized films you our holographic foils offer even further attractive ways to enhance your packaging, labels and brochures or printed advertising materials of any kind with additional very appealing and attractive effects.  This enables increase the value of your product or brand appearance significantly. Impressive glitter effects, play of light and colors increase the attractiveness and value of promotional materials, packaging and products.

Gold, silver, special colors and coating effects our color options include standard gold and silver as well as certain special colors are available. However there is also the possibility to print our holographic foils with process and spot colors and enhance even further with coating. The possibilities related to generating color shades and coating effects in connection with the respective designs are extensive and opens up to additional individual designs without any limits.